Black Angels was a collaboration between the Ragazze Quartet and 33 ⅓ Collective. It consisted of three music pieces set to a new video work by the Collective that revolved around the concept of the screen as a closed ecosystem. A cycle of cause and effect confined in the framework of the movie screen that translated the topics of conflict and war found in the projects center piece: Black Angels by George Crumb.

Black Angels - subtitled Thirteen Images from the Dark Land - is one of George Crumb's most intense and best known works. It was written in 1970, during the Vietnam War, for an ‘electric string quartet’.

Benjamin Britten - String Quartet no.1 op.25 in D major
George Crumb - Black Angels
Arvo Pärt - And One of the Pharisees

Musical performance by Ragazze Quartet and singers of the Netherlands Chamber Choir
Video narrative by 33 ⅓ Collective

- Schouwburg Venray (the Netherlands) 2020
- Klarafestival, Brussels (Belgium) 2019
- Schouwburg Hengelo (the Netherlands) 2018
- Korzo Den Haag (the Netherlands) 2018
- CC Amstel Amsterdam (the Netherlands) 2018
- Architect design studio Streetlife in Leiden (the Netherlands) 2017
- Holland Festival Amsterdam (the Netherlands) 2017