33 ⅓ Collective created the video sceneography for Nikola, a techno opera in 4D sound about Nikola Tesla and his visionary ideas about inter connectivity. This project was a crossover between a music theater piece and a techno party. It included live singers, visuals, techno DJ's and a custom 4D sound setup.


Composition | Paul Oomen
Director | Sjaron Minailo
Dramaturgy | Krystian Lada
Lyrics | Ruben van Gogh
Sound design and technology | Sonostruct~
Show control and technology | One/One
Light design | Maarten Warmerdam
Vocals | Kevin Walton
Live electronics | Salvador Breed

Production | VOI-Z (Michael de Roo)
Co-production | E@RPORT
Premiere 7 September 2012 | Spiegeltheater Zwolle