Rituals We Wish We Had is a short film about visual experiments in which a longing for tribal habits is explored. A film about being homesick for a place you have never been.

Rituals We Wish We Had originated from a project that took many different forms. As part of a year-long research in 2018, supported by Provincie Overijssel, 33 ⅓ Collective focused on their artistic development as well as redefining their media and stages. Their research questioned our impoverished cultural legacy. 'Liberated from church and tradition we find ourselves in a state in which we can afford to be lonely. We looked for images that contain a new form of symbolism that we hope will become relatable, visualising a longing for tribal habits.'

The collective also explored the live creation of video projections on stage. This resulted in a live performance called 'Originals' (Dutch title: Kijkersfile) that simultaneously showed the creation and presentation of various acts to the audience. Integrating the performative qualities and meaning of the making-of into a story about rituals.

The live performance evolved into a 4 channel video installation that was presented in an exhibition of the same name in 2019 in Tetem, Enschede. The material of both the live performance and video installation accumulated into the short film 'Rituals We Wish We Had' that premiered at the 2020 Vienna Shorts international short film festival.

Rituals We Wish We Had is distributed by Lima.